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User's Manual


The DSPeaker console makes it possible to customize the properties of your Anti-Mode X2 beyond what is available through the IR remote. Please click the following link to discover the console html application.


To update the firmware of your Anti-Mode X2 device:

  1. prepare a USB memory stick by formatting it using the FAT32 file system

  2. download an archived firmware image from the list below

  3. extract the firmware image from the archive. The correct image file is named "FIRMWARE.X2"

  4. copy the image file to the USB stick

  5. plug the USB stick into the USB-A port of the Anti-Mode device

  6. power off the device using the remote controller, and power it on again

  7. firmware update procedure should now start. The screen should display the text "WAIT"

  8. the update process should take less than a minute. After the process finishes, remember to detach the memory stick from the device


The version shown in the VERS menu is in day-month format.

  • "0207" Experimental. Audio processor fixes, reset just the current profile (press profile button in the RSET factory reset menu), fallback to USB Audio adaptive mode for hosts that do not read the feedback endpoint. If this crashes in your unit, let us know the serial number and update back to the previous version.

  • "2302"  Improved locking to spdif reception at 192k from coax.

  • "0412"  Auto-standby: go to standby after set time of no signal -- configure using DSPeaker Console. Default: no auto-standby. Some USB Audio tuning.

  • "2911"  Small sound glitch from saving volume fixed. Does not create an invalid AM-X2.TXT. A click on subwoofer output during X2D startup eliminated (unless USB stick is present), sub out on X2 already behaved.

  • "2310"  Doesn't miss switches between optical and coax. More reliable spdif reception from coax at 192k. Calibration setup noise generator change.



User's Manual



Note: you need to extract the FIRMWARE.X4 file from the zip package and have that on the root directory of the USB memory stick formatted as the FAT filesystem (FAT32 or FAT16).

  • A version for the latest DSPeaker BT Remote (Android, iOS). Long press of control wheel engages Mute (after a while in Mute enters stand-by mode). Small change to SPDIF bit-depth reporting.


A free bluetooth remote application for your smartphone or tablet.


Windows USB Audio 2.0 Driver for Anti-Mode X4

Win 7, Win 8, and Win 10: DSPeaker_UsbAudio_v5.12.0_2021-05-30_setup.exe
Not needed for legacy USB mode, which uses USB Audio 1.

ANTI-MODE 8033 cinema / S-II

User's Manual

ANTI-MODE 2.0 Dual Core

User's Manual



  • Updater can be run on WIndows to upload a firmware file.

  • Supports a different display module, otherwise the same was 2019 Jan 14 version. You must unzip the package before using it with the Updater.exe .

STOP! Your unit probably already has new enough firmware.

Check the version date of the currently installed software before updating. You might already have new enough version! You can see the version from Main Menu > Settings > System Info. If you don't use the digital output, you're probably fine with the May 12 2014 firmware.

  1. Download and the firmware package and decompress them to the same location.

  2. Connect the Dual Core and your PC with a USB cable.

  3. Please detach USB devices from the PC that are not required during the update. Connecting Dual Core to an external USB hub during the update is not recommended.

  4. Turn on Dual Core and choose Main Menu > Settings > PC Link using the remote controller.

  5. Ensure that "PC Connected" is shown on the screen.

  6. Run Updater.exe by double-clicking the "D" icon. The updater program will require administrator rights to execute. On an older system, you may need to specify administrator privileges manually: right-click on the program icon and select "Run as administrator".

  7. When Updater detects the Anti-Mode 2.0 Dual Core, a small dialog window appears. Click the "Update" button.

  8. Open file dialog appears. Select the correct firmware file and click Open.

  9. The automatic update process should begin. Please wait patiently until the process finishes and Dual Core boots itself. Interrupting this process may cause the update to fail.

If the update fails, don't panic, it's possible to perform a rescue. You can find the instructions using the Wayback Machine:

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