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Those who know, know.

A bass shaker can enhance the movie or gaming experience by a great amount. However, the soundtrack of these productions is not created with bass shakers in mind. An adaptation is required. This is what the new ShakEQ is designed for.


Our patent pending technology will bring out the best haptic feedback from any source material. ShakEQ allows you to feel more nuanced textures and new details without compromising the impact. Some of the benefits include:

  • LFE signal optimization for bass shakers

  • automatic removal of unwanted resonances created by the chair or sofa

  • full control over the characteristics of the haptic feedback: create and store different profiles for different situations

  • get the most out of your shaker!

ShakEQ works with LFE or line out signals. The experience is scalable from small chairs to multi-seated home theaters, from headphone users to multichannel installations. ShakEQ will enhance the haptic signal and will not alter the sound you hear.

Pricing and purchasing options coming shortly! Stay tuned!

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