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Check out the frequently asked questions. 

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Technical support

We kindly ask you to send technical questions to
The entire support group will see the request and will serve it as soon as possible. Our customers have the rare opportunity to be in direct contact with the people responsible for developing the products.

In case of urgent matters customers can contact us by telephone:
+358 3 3140 8221.
The office hours of technical support are 9-16 Monday to Friday Finnish time.

In commercial matters (orders, shipments) contact .

Privacy Policy

The questions that are sent to the technical support are recorded in our database. We use this information just for technical support.  We assure you that any received information is used in compliance with privacy and data protection guidelines. In Some cases, we may use the raised question in the database of Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) that is available online, but we won't use your personal information.

Support Services

Technical support works as "free of charge". Our typical services are for example

  • Our recommended way of using our product in a specific application

  • Review of a connection proposed by the customer

  • Questions about the firmware upgrades of our products

  • Analysis of failures of a product or help with problems when using it in an application

The warranty period for DSPeaker products is 24 months. The warranty period is calculated from the purchase date of the product.

If you have purchased a DSPeaker product directly from DSPeaker (VLSI Solution's Web Store), and have a problem with or a technical question about the product, please contact with information about the product, and your question as well described as possible.

If you have purchased a DSPeaker product from one of our retailers, then that is your primary contact. The retailer will forward technical questions to DSPeaker support if needed.

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