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ANti-MODE™ -technology

An audio system can only sound as good as the acoustic listening environment allows. The unique properties of each room must be accounted for, in order to achieve the best possible result.

The reason behind "boomy" and "muddy" bass reproduction is standing waves (room modes) forming in the room. All listening spaces and all audio systems are subject to these problems.

The experts have known the devastating effects of modes for a long time, but before the advent of digital signal processing (DSP) an efficient cure did not exist. Bass traps take a lot of space, provide limited suppression, and rarely match the resonant frequencies accurately. Luckily this domain is where digital correction truly shines!

The Finnish DSPeaker is a pioneer in automatic room correction. For over 15 years we have helped enthusiasts and professionals unleash the full potential of their hi-fi equipment.

Anti-Mode drastically improves system decay time

The DSPeaker Anti-Mode™ product family provides easy yet highly efficient solutions to these challenges. We make professional-grade sound reproduction attainable for everyone in all listening spaces. Enjoy a balanced and natural sound in your living room, home office, or home studio!

Our users enjoy many benefits of the Anti-Mode™ technology:

  • Fast, controlled bass with deeper extension.

  • Cleaner sound with reduced distortion.

  • Natural, balanced sound signature that closely matches what the artist intended.

  • No-hassle set-up without needing a computer.

Many users also appreciate the versatile options to customize the audio experience. If you know what kind of sound you like, you can count on Anti-Mode™ to deliver it.


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