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Every listening space generates unique sonic artifacts. Because of this, digital room correction is an essential building block of any audio system. DSPeaker Anti-Mode™ solves acoustics problems reliably and automatically.

We received the golden ear award for our technology, but you don't have to possess one to be able to appreciate the difference. Simply run the automated calibration process and enjoy the content you love the way it was meant to be enjoyed!

Read more about Anti-Mode and the benefits of room correction. Click here to see our products, or try the interactive product finder.


A new product variant is now available! The new DSPeaker Anti-Mode™ X2D is just as awesome as the sister model X2, but equipped with optical and coaxial digital outputs instead of analog.


Read more about the new speaker and room optimizer on the Anti-Mode™ X2 product page.


Anti-MODE x4

​Optimize your stereo system automatically using DSPeaker's high-end processor! The Anti-Mode X4 features a preamplifier, DAC, versatile digital & analog connectivity and a built-in headphone amplifier. Very easy to use, nearly limitless possibilities!

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