NOTE: Anti-Mode models 8033 S and 8033 S-II already have a stereo input. The following connection is only required for the 8033 C and 8033 B versions.

In order to use stereo output with Anti-Mode 8033 C, it must be converted to mono. This is simple to do and requires only two resistors. An example schematic below:

Speaker-Level to Line-Level Adapter

If your stereo system doesn't have line-level outputs, you can try to arrange a signal to Anti-Mode 8033 from the speaker outputs. This requires a resistor divider.

The example below shows 1:10 divider. Depending on the sensitivity of your speakers you may need to use lower or higher ratio to get the output to within the voltage range accepted by Anti-Mode 8033. The level warning LEDs will flicker if the level is too high, and you need bigger ratio. Also, you may want to use only one channel - the low frequencies are omnidirectional and mixed in mono.