Anti-Mode 8033

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fold faq How do I connect the 8033 to my system?
fold faq What kind of delay does 8033 introduce and how do I compensate it?
fold faq My Lift setting is gone after I unplug the power
fold faq How, and in which order do I calibrate the 8033 with AV-receivers own calibration program?
fold faq What should I do about the subwoofer distance setting on AVR
fold faq How do I convert the 2 RCA outputs to balanced XLR?
fold faq Are the corrections stored in memory in case of power loss
fold faq What kind of target curves does the Lifting 25Hz and Lifting 35Hz have?
fold faq My subwoofer makes humming sound or noise after installing Anti-Mode
fold faq How do I integrate the 8033-corrected subwoofer to my mains?
fold faq What kind of filters does 8033 have?
fold faq Anti-Mode does not seem to make any difference, what could be the problem?
fold faq What frequency range is corrected by Anti-Mode?
fold faq Can I use one Anti-Mode for multiple subwoofers?