MicAmp Measurement Kit

MicAmp allows you to make acoustic measuremets easily and economically, with professional accuracy. Together with the precision microphone included with Anti-Mode™ 8033, it is easy to measure your room response and see the improved results. You can also measure the response of your whole system including main speakers as the frequency response of the 8033 microphone and MicAmp extend up to  22kHz.

MicAmp can be used for acoustic measurements without Anti-Mode™ 8033 device. In this case it is recommended to purchase the compatible 8033 microphone separately.



A calibration file for the standard microphone is available here.


Almost any microphone can be used with MicAmp as long as it is connected as show below.

It is recommended to use the microphone of Anti-Mode 8033. Otherwise the combined response of the microphone and MicAmp should be calibrated to avoid systematic errors.

MicAmp is connected by using 3.5mm plug to the line-in input of the sound card. The signal from the MicAmp amplifier comes from the left channel. (Sometimes it is needed to select this for instance from Room EQ-Wizard setup.) The microphone is connected to the Mic input. The USB cable is connected to the USB connector if the MicAmp and other side to the USB of the PC. Just the power to MicAmp is supplied via USB cable.

MicAmp is available in the web shop:



MicAmp KIT is easy to carry together with the laptop
3.5mm stereo plug of audio output
3.5mm stereo plug of microphone input
USB for power