Built-in position measurement system is individually laser-calibrated at the factory
The frequency response and step response of Servo 300 is unmatched by anything previously seen on the market.

Servo 300 DSP loudspeaker

Servo 300 series active loudspeakers take advantage of several cutting-edge technologies. Time-domain response is corrected by high-order DSP-waveform correction, delivering "transient perfect" waveform reproduction. Step response is super-coherent and power spectrum is phenomenally flat. Position servo control (U.S. Patent No. 8,300,872) delivers the fastest bass down to 30Hz. This would not be possible without position measurement, current feedback bi-amplification and processor-controlled active suspension. Room response is automatically equalized by highly acclaimed, built-in Anti-Mode™ algorithm, which makes Servo 300 the most versatile loudspeaker regarding positioning within the listening room.

Despite the advanced technological inventions, Servo 300 is the most user-friendly active DSP-speaker. Features include automatic wake-up on signal and automatic turn-off when no signal is present for 15 minutes. Setting up room equalization with Anti-Mode™ is fully automatic, the only user interaction required is a single touch of a button. A set-up microphone is included. Common RCA connectors are used for audio signal, so virtually any receiver (or other source) equipped with pre-out connectors can be used.

See the measurements in anechoic chamber.


DSPeaker gets both "Best Buy" AND "Best Sound of the Show" at SSI 2011!

DSPeaker was granted BEST BUY for its $3900 a pair active DSP-floorstanding speaker Servo 300FS at the Salon Son & Image 2011


Rocky Mountain Audiofest 2010

DSPeaker mainroom with Servo 300P and brand new Floorstanding Servo 300FS
DSPeaker secondary room with Anti-Mode demo on a pair of Servo 300FS

Thank you to all the visitors of DSPeaker rooms in RMAF -10 at Denver! Once again we had absolutely amazing and encouraging feedback from all audiophiles, both visitors and the press. Here is the Stereophile coverage of our main suite #410:



DSPeaker at Salon Son & Image show in Montreal

DSPeaker Servo 300 made a debut at Salon Son & Image Montreal show with sensational success! Thank you to all the visitors at DSPeaker showroom!

Enjoy the Music.com show report

  • "It played far better at the extremes than such a small box has a right to play."
  • "When I think back to the complexity and cost of other DSP room correction systems I have heard in the past (some of them with surround sound), this approach just blows them away."
  • "You've got my first Best Technology show award."
  • "Where have they been hiding this stuff?"

Stereophile show report

  • "I noted a surprisingly effortless sound, with bold, deep bass."


Enclosure Option

Servo 300P/B (Black)
Servo 300P/W (White)
Servo 300 back panel