Firmware Update

Here you can find the latest firmware version for Anti-Mode 2.0 Dual Core. See below for a list of changes in each revision.

Updating the firmware is easy, but please make sure to follow the instructions carefully. It is especially important to ensure that, once initiated, the update process is not interrupted.

Please do not update unless you absolutely need to!

Updating Dual Core on a Windows PC

To update your Dual Core device to the latest version on a Windows PC, please follow the instructions below.

If you have a newly purchased unit, it is recommended to check the version date of the currently installed software before applying the update; you might already have the latest version! To check the currently installed version, navigate to Main Menu > Settings > System Info.

  1. Click here to download Updater.exe and save it to any location (e.g. on your desktop)
  2. Download the firmware package and decompress it to the same location with the previous file.
  3. Connect the provided USB cable between Dual Core and your PC.
  4. Please remove any unnecessary USB devices from the PC that are not absolutely required during the update. Connecting Dual Core to an external USB hub during the update is not recommended.
  5. Turn on Dual Core and navigate to Main Menu > Settings > PC Link using the remote controller.
  6. Ensure that "PC Connected" is shown on the screen before proceeding to the next step.
  7. Run the updater program (updater.exe) on your computer by double-clicking the "D" icon. Please note that the updater program will require administrator rights to execute. On an older system, you may need to specify administrator privileges manually: right-click on the program icon and select "Run as administrator".
  8. A small dialog window should appear. Click the "Update" button.
  9. Open file dialog will appear. Select the firmware package from the step 2 and click Open.
  10. The automatic update process should begin. Please wait patiently until the process finishes and Dual Core boots itself. Interrupting this process may cause the device to malfunction so please avoid doing so.

If the update fails, don't panic, and see the rescue instructions at the bottom of this page.

Revision History

Jan 14 2019

May 12 2014

Apr 22 2014 Beta

Apr 14 2014 Beta

Feb 18 2014

Feb 14 2014 Beta

Jun 03 2013

Apr 03 2013

Feb 20 2013

Dec 12 2012

Oct 4 2012

Aug 16 2012

Jun 14 2012

Jun 07 2012

Jun 01 2012

May 30 2012

Apr 19 2012 R3

Apr 19 2012

If The Firmware Update Goes Wrong - Rescue

Above AM21130: Short-circuit the top leftmost and rightmost pins of the datalink connector before connecting power.
Others: Short-circuit the JP1 pads on the PCB before connecting power.

If something goes wrong during the firmware update, you may end up with a unit that has a blank white screen.

Don't Panic!

First note down what is the serial number at the bottom of the unit.

As the first test you can try to power up the unit and even if the screen is blank, connect the unit to USB and run the updater.exe again. If the unit is detected, the updater should suggest a rescue operation and you can try to update the unit again.

From serial numbers AM21130 upwards you would try this:

  1. Remove all cables from the unit
  2. Connect/short-circuit the left-most and right-most pin on the top row of the datalink connector (use a paper clip, a piece of wire, or something else conductive like metal scissors) while plugging in the power plug, the display will remain white.
  3. Wait 4-5 seconds, then remove the short-circuit and connect to USB.
  4. Run Updater.exe

For older than AM21130 units you would need to open the unit (open the 4 corner screws of the back panel, and the PCB slides out) and find the jumper pads marked JP1 inside the unit (there are no jumper pins installed, just solder pads, see the picture), then perform the same thing: short the pads of JP1 with a paperclip, plug in power, remove the short, then attach USB and run the updater. After that you can put the unit back together. Be careful that the pins on the PCB align properly with the display connector. If needed, remove the front panel as well.

If you have doubts of your ability to open the unit and perform the rescue, you may choose to contact your DSPeaker seller or distributor.

If the serial number is below around AM20610 you need more tricks (a rescue cable) and should contact us for instructions.